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TCA Talk - What, Why and the Market Impact

The ever-increasing investment in new technology is causing a transformation in how firms operate. It is of course behind the accelerating use of algorithms – and that creates a more competitive environment for everyone. I’m sure many of you are faced with thinning margins, diminishing volumes and the uncertainty in accurately measuring returns. This of course increases the pressure to use algorithms as you look to squeeze alpha out of that diminishing pot.

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Real Time Data Service and Reducing Operational Overhead and Expenses

As our clients and prospects evolve their perspective and use cases for shared infrastructure, OneMarketData has been increasing our efforts to enable clients to rapidly shift from internally deployed infrastructure and applications, to Cloud deployed services, offering like capabilities but with lower implementation and operating expenses.  Over the last 24 months, we have been extending our capabilities to align with the trend towards shared infrastructure for the collection, storage and analysis of exchange tick data to support legacy Data and Analytics applications, as well as the expanding use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Our current offering includes a private and public cloud OneTick service, nourished with 10+ years of trade and quote data from over 200  global equity, option and futures exchanges.   Our time series data incorporates Corporate Actions, Symbol and Identifier changes, and cross reference to the leading industry identifiers, removing the hassle associated with in-house maintenance.  While we have experienced rapid adoption of our OneTick Cloud platform, we continued to receive feedback from our client segments expressing interest in extending the Service to include real time exchange feeds.  To that end, our recently announced Partnership with ICE Data Services, will offer real time access and collection of exchange market data, accessed through a hosted OneTick Service.   The Service will be marketed and contracted by ICE, and supported by OneMarketData, offering clients the ability to reduce their operational overhead and expenses related to feed collection, maintenance, storage, while providing end user and application access using Python, R, and RESTful API.  We are excited about the launch of this new service and look forward to discussing the potential fit to your organization.

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